He always said hi to me, I was always shy so i just waved.
I remember your hands always being sweaty but now I'm the one with sweaty hands.Then one time he didn't say hi ,I was worried since we didn't see each other for awhile but then he messaged me later saying its because I are so beautifully. Sometimes I don't know if it was a dream or if it was reality I really don't know, I want to ask him but that just stupid.
Recently I heard Him say my name so I looked to see him were smiling so brightly it made me remember all the times himmade me laugh and
all the memories we share together.

HI PEOPLE I'm still learning all these things about writing I hope to become better but for now I'm just ranting and letting everything out so yeah. you can message me and tell me that I'm shit cause it fine (LOL) I already know