Hi beautiful.

I have no idea how to describe music to you.

It's like being in the water and hearing the melody the earth is giving you. It's like looking at the rain and smile like an idiot. It's like being able to breathe even though you know you aren't alive.

I don't know, all I know is that I love it more than anything.

So to put this together, music is music. Language is just something that shows where you live in the world. But music can teach you everything you need in life, even if you don't understand.

Kpop is pretty new to the American society, and that's okay. We are always afraid of things we don't know about. I hope more people will take a risk, and listen to all kind of music they don't understand.

I hope you enjoy

Anti (feat.G.Soul) - Zico

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He is one of my favorite rappers of all time. His music is absolutely amazing and so powerful. This song is my favorite of him, and I can't help to listen to this every day.
- As much as you enjoy your success, you need to pay a bigger price.

Best Of Me - BTS

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I listen to this song every time I feel sad or left behind. Bts really makes me feel like my life is worth living for, even though sometimes it don't. They make me happy, and I don't know where I would be in life without them.
- No one knows but I know me. My greatest master is you.

Don't Recall - KARD

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This song is sooo lit. This song is easy a song that could play on the radio all the time. It was my hit throw 2017, and I loved it. What I love most about this song is how deep the meaning behind it really is. The lyrics are powerful and the melody is unforgettable.
- Don’t look at me like that. Don’t come any closer.

Rain - BTS

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First time I heard this song, I was in the rain, running. I stopped right on the road and for the first time, I felt like the rain was all I needed in order to survive. This song is so special to me, I hope it will to you too.
- Am I someone who engraved, like the rain, my existence to you?


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It's my favorite song Blackpink has ever made. I can relate to this song so much and I love how the instruments in the background sounds.
- I hate you so much but I love you.

LOVE STORY - Epik High, IU

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I can't even remember how I felt throw this song when I first heard it. It was like everything stopped, and I knew exactly what they sang about.
- We were like magnets once. Cuz only when one of us turned around, we became strangers.

Just Right - Got7

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This was one of the first songs I heard in Korean. I just couldn't stop thinking about the melody.
- If you just stay the way you are now, I want nothing more. So don’t change anything.


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This has such a chill vibe, I can't even describe how good this is.
- Again tonight, underneath that blue moonlight, I will probably fall asleep alone.


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This song, WOW. Seventeen was one of my first favorite groups, and this song is my absolute favorite. I'm so proud, this is AMAZING.
- Clap till your hands are on fire.

Falling In Love - Uniq

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This song makes me fall in love over and over. Listen to the English version too, it's a 'wow' moment.
- I'm falling in love. You got me falling in love.


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Thank you for reading!

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