is going vegan difficult? what can you even eat? do you get enough protein?

does are three of the typical questions i always get. today i'll only talk about being a vegan foody. so let me explain this a little.

When i first decided to try going vegan for a few months, i also had no f*cking idea how i'll manage that. I was completely lost with the definition of going vegan bc my family was a meatlover-gang for life. and now, here we are, two years later, still vegan and it's the best fricking decision i've ever made!

let's jump right into it.

the holy fives

1. meat

cutting out meat wasn't that hard for me. but i actually remember that i did eat chicken from time to time in my first two month's till i also stopped that because of:

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and please, don't even start with that shit about "but all the protein-!" shut it.

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there are so many protein-sources you don't even know of!

now i hear you complaining about all the good burgers and steaks you'll miss...seriously? first of all, i think it's f*cking disgusting thinking about a burger where grease drips out when i have a bite, bahh for god's sake, my stomach just turned. We have soo many alternatives for meat now and of course it will never taste the same, but they come really close and are freaking delicious!

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those are burger's with beetroot, blackbeans and jackfruitpatties

just go and google yourself to death about meat alternatives.

2. honey

yes, honey is not vegan guys. i know it's a shock for a lot of you but honey is not dripping out of a tree! they steal it from bees in really cruel ways. but if you have a farmer near you (or reaaally far away but you still would go all the way for honey), a farmer who you know how he get's his honey and does it in "natural" ways, then i guess it's fine! (that's my personal opinion!). But please stop buying it in stores, you'll support the wrong thing.

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go check out Rotten on Netflix, the first episode, it's about honey. If you didn't realize it yet, but i'm horrible about explaining why something is wrong...

and if you need something to sweeten up your food, use:

  • Agave nectar
  • Datesyrup (my fav.)
  • Beefreehonee
  • maple-sirup
  • brown rice sirup

so those are the first two of the the holy fives , if you liked the article and would like me to talk about the other three foods: like and comment. i'd also love to answer some questions so don't be shy you sweet bees ;)

kisses bastet