hello! In the following lines you will read the story of my healing. More specifically, how God has healed me. Let's start!

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I'm young. I have not done 18 years, that is, I am much smaller. In autumn 2017, I was bad, I upset my parents and put God on the last place. I was under the influence of a force, but I did not know what me

so my mother started to pray for me that God did what he thought was good, just to repent. And yes, I'm a Christian. He came in October where the Hope Festival was held. At that time, I done what I did and surrender to Him

But for a while. It came the month of December, the first in winter. On the second or third day of December, pains began in the butt area, somewhere at the end of the spine. I thought I fell and I hit, that my pain will soon pass. I was wrong. The persistence persisted. So I went to the hospital

There, the doctor consulted. All the way I prayed to God not to stay in the hospital at night. He listened to me. But what I was going to hear and feel was worse ... but not too bad.

I was diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst

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