Hello whi users,I hope you're doing fine and I wish you an amazing day!

I decided to write this article because lately I've understood that lots of friends that I have aren't really good friends for me and they make me feel bad for no reason so I want to remind me but and to remind you also what type of friends everyone deserves to have and better search this type of friends,and not make friendships because you're desperate for friends.

1.Someone who supports you
Like if you have a compotision,or a show or something that is important for you,she/he would like to come and support you,or text you all the time just to make you feel better.

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2.Someone who wants to go out with you
It may sounds weird but there are friends who like to talk to you but don't like to go out with you or they make all the time excuses that they can't come,I don't understand how actually there are these type of people.

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3.Someone who wants to try new activities with you or do silly stuff
That's something that will definetly cheer you up and make you smile more + and feel like you're not alone or that you're not the only person in the world who wants to do a specific thing.

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4.Someone who wants to meet you in his/hers friends&family
I say that because there are 'friends' who are probably shamed of you and just talk to you because there are no other people in that moment,so you better found a friend who is proud of you and wants to show to everyone that you are friends.

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5.Someone who you can trust and you are sure that he/she won't say it anywhere and that you can talk even about silly stuff without feeling dumb
This will help you go through bad times and make you feel like you're not alone and that someone is by your side.

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6.Someone who wants to spend all the time with you and make memories with you
That will help you not feel bored and be more happy in your life and hyped for your life.

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7.Someone who isn't selfish and waits for you to say hi first or text them first
For this one,a friendship is better when there are no who will be the first one who says hi or whatever but just sends messages to you because she/he wants to talk to you(you better not wait for them to text you also first).

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8.Someone who loves you and says that to you or even more important shows that to you
It's not difficult to show someone that you love them,just by being with you and doing all this things above can show you that she/he loves you

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9.Someone who believes in you
We all go through times when we're feeling like we can't anymore or that we are not good enough for something,so it's good to have a friend to remind you that you can and you're more than good enough.

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10.Someone who is happy for you
He/she is happy for you when you achieve something and don't get jealous or want to be better than you.

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P.S.for a friendship like this to work out you need also to follow this stuff and don't wait only the other person to do that.

I hope you liked my article,I really enjoyed writing it,and I hope you & me will find these type of friends.

Jacqueline xoxo