i honestly don´t know what i´m doing here but i wanted to try doing one of these "writing challenges". I really like writing and i think this is a good way to improve my writing and english skills. Well, that´s why i thought i could try this. I´m not sure if anyone is going to read this, but i also don´t really care. I guess i´m mostly doing this for myself. And i´m sure i´m not going to post an article every day, so i´m just going to write one when i want and about whatever i want.
So, in this article i want to tell you a little bit about myself. Because i saw a lot of people doing this on we heart it, i thought i do the "this is me challenge" to let you know a little bit about me

Firstly, my name is Kristin, i´m 16 and i live in Germany


nirvana, kiss, and ramones image black, grunge, and style image converse, black, and shoes image nirvana, band, and rock image
i´m always wearing band shirts with ripped black jeans and converse


black, quote, and sad image balloons, pink, and grunge image planet, space, and pale image quotes, aesthetic, and wallpaper image
i like black and pastel colors


food and tumblr image Cookies, food, and biscuits image alternative and water image food, gelato, and italy image
i love french fries, cookies, ice cream and as a drink i prefer water


fall out boy, FOB, and patrick stump image the 1975 image crybaby, melanie, and martinez image lil peep, peep, and lil image
some of my favourites are fall out boy, the 1975, melanie martinez and lil peep (i have many more which i will talk about in another article)


bunny, animal, and rabbit image cat, feminism, and grunge image cat, pastel, and grunge image cat, cute, and aesthetic image
cats and bunnies


Image by tragicianrainbow Image by Viktorial Image by Kiiwii animal crossing, animals, and bambi image
i am always listening to music, reading or playing animal crossing


sad, quotes, and happy image awkward and shy image quotes, people, and quiet image logan lerman, quotes, and black and white image cool, nice, and quotes image depression, favorite, and feelings image quotes, grunge, and art image sad, quotes, and depressed image
i´m weird.


the fosters image finding carter image skins, cassie, and maxxie image gravity falls, disney, and wallpaper image
the fosters, finding carter, skins, gravity falls


disney, walt disney, and castle image star wars image emma watson, logan lerman, and movie image
disney, star wars and the perks of being a wallflower


kris4amurr, book, and john green image aesthetic, book, and books image love letters to the dead image aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image

looking for alaska, the perks of being a wallflower, love letters to the dead, milk and honey


quotes, love, and black image room, grunge, and nirvana image beauty, dreamy, and happy image quotes, self love, and black image girl image moon, city, and aesthetic image
i want to find love, create the perfect home for me, make my own music, travel, graduate school and love myself


books, charlie, and life image quotes, aesthetic, and people image melanie martinez, beauty, and cry baby image nirvana, kurt cobain, and quotes image kurt cobain, nirvana, and quote image galaxy, halsey, and music image music, grunge, and quotes image quotes, bad day, and life image
these are some quotes i really love
the end, black and white, and movie image

Thanks for reading this.
You can send me a postcard if you want to.

Here´s my Spotify if you are interestd in my music taste:

My Instagram is "kristin_w__"