fashion, outfit, and style image casual, clothes, and clothing image fashion, girl, and style image outfit image
simple & casual


red, lover, and aesthetic image aesthetic, white, and food image aesthetic, brown, and coffee image japan, japanese, and street image
red, black & white


bear, football, and handball image alternative, film, and japanese image food, McDonalds, and car image anime, studio ghibli, and whisper of the heart image
sport and especially handball is my princ hobby, love it so much; drawing, eating (some bad food) and reading


aesthetic, grunge, and quotes image quotes, love, and words image bts, v, and taehyung image bts, suga, and quotes image
independent, love making ugly faces, self derision, and sarcastic


frank ocean, black, and music image bts, jimin, and jin image 90s, liam gallagher, and music image lana del rey and Queen image
frank ocean, bts, oasis and lana del rey


japan, japanese, and street image beach, blue, and boat image blue, people, and church image japan, grunge, and pale image
japan for passion, greece for family and mont saint michel/france for living