hi every one, this is my first article, always i have wanted to write an article and why not?, i know every tips about how to take care of your hair, and i want to share with you.

#1тιp Let Your Hair Breath

many people said that sleep with the hair up is better, i mean, isn´t bad but sleep with the hair without gathering is going to help your hair grow more quicly and healthy because your hair needs to breath and If you gather it in a cue, the hair isn´t going to breath Adequately

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#2tip Brush your Hair
if you want that your hair grow up faster, brush your hair during 10 minutes before sleep, brush your hair always is a good opcion, Apart from the fact that helps your hair not see badly, it is going to help the hairy leather to grow.

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#3tip Shampoo householder

let´s do our shampoo!!!

-firts you need a shampoo that isn´t full
-second you cut the half onion in small pieces and add it to the shampoo
-finaly leaves the shampoo to rest for 10 days, and thats all.

When juice of onion is applied in the hairy leather, it improves the blood stream, therefore, it is more feasible that the fibers grow.... It is good to know that the hair grows from the hair follicles located in the hairy leather and that it needs a good blood irrigation to be more strong.

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#4tip applies the mask adequately

Many times we apply the mask badly because we apply it in all hair, and this is wrong, the mask only apply in the hair ends, because if you apply the mask in the hairy leather the hair become greasy,

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and thats all, i hope you enjoy ^^

lets take care of our hair !!!!