There are a lot of legends about yellow. Some of them are true, but not all.
Scroll down and discover all about yellow.

Yellow is an energetic color

It makes you feel free and proud.
When you are wearing yellow people perceive you as a sunny and confident person.

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Blondes don't look good in yellow

Blondes girls are super feminine in yellow which makes look their skin luminous and glowy.

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It's perfect from winter to summer

It can cheer up every outfit. A yellow coat will give a bit of light in a total black. A canary dress will make your tan pop.

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Yellow cannot be combinate with yellow

If you are a big fan of yellow you can wear a total yellow, one of the coolest trend for this spring.

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Yellow and blue are wonderful together

It combines two of the sprintg colors according to Pantone.

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I hope you liked it :)

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