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You're standing at the crossroads, you know that once the decision is made there's no going back. This can't be real, you don't want this to be real. Thousands of voices that scream louder with every second are all around you, once you look around you can't see where they're coming from. There's no one there but you. "What if you're wrong" "What if that road will ruin your life forever?" "What if you turn right but your dream lies on the left?" "What if they'll laugh at your choice?" "What if.." They all blend together inside your head. You want to scream and tell them to shut up, but there's something comforting in this panic. you feel like you could stay standing there forever... STOP Once we have to deal with a difficult situation or make a choice, we always think what if? but that's exactly THE concept that makes us unhappy.

Last year I got into the habit of constantly asking what if in every single situation. Due to the fact that it was a technique I used in my writing class. Every time the small blinking line of terror became too much for me I would ask a magical question: "What if?" and the words would just start flowing onto the paper. However, my little knight in shining armor in the writing world became the antagonist of my reality. I went through quite a bit of counseling last year and one of the things that had stuck with me, one of the things that had changed my life was a simple rule: save what if for the writing world. Now that I'm done with the intro lets get straight to the point.

What if doesn't help! What if just waists your time. Why sit there and think what if instead of actually taking action?

There are two ways you can become more positive. Number one, cut out what if completely don't think what can happen if something happens. The next time you have a class presentation don't think well what if I forget my words? What if they all laugh at me? What if I'll do terrible and the teacher asks me to leave class because I s*ck? DONT GO THERE that is a perfect way to raise anxiety and make yourself feel like trash. The next time you notice yourself thinking those negative thoughts CUT IT OFF!

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Number two, turn the negative what-ifs into something positive. Once you catch yourself falling down that spiral again turn it around and climb up. Let's say you're performing a play, which has happened to me btw. Just two days ago I was behind the stage waiting with other members of my drama class to go on and perform. I remained calm and collected because there was no point in stressing out about it, I was confident in myself even though, I had learned all my lines exactly the same day in my biology class while listening to a lecture, about cellular respiration. despite the fact that, I had only practiced them once, I was sitting there and enjoying myself while others were running around bursting their lines out loud like some crazy hedgehogs. the whole entire time I was there I would hear phrases like "oh my god what if I forget my lines" "what if I trip and fall on my stage?" surprised I walked up to this girl and said, "well what if you'll do great and everyone will love it?"
her answer was simple "there's so way that is happening"

WHY? my question is why be so negative? If you have to wonder what if why be negative about it? why not say something positive?
"what if the teacher will love it so much that she decides to give me a leading role next time?"
"what if this will feel so good that I'll realize it's my passion and decide to follow an acting career?"
"what if my crushes parents will see how amazing I am and ask him about me, making him think about me more"
I guarantee you, that you'll see how this positive thinking will turn the whole world around for you. and at the end of the day even if something bad happens so what?

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- Angelinpurgatory