these past several days i had a friend of mine whom i like for a year already. i had been having a great time with him. i had great moments with him but one day everything changed.

he started moving away from me...
he doesn't talk to me anymore
he seens my messages
he doesn't answer my calls
he also pushes me away...
he never ever listened to me.
i don't know why he is moving away...
i don't know why he doesn't remember the times were together.
i don't even understand why was he so mad at me and i don't understand why.
sometimes it came to my mind that...
what did i do to make you feel that way.
what did i do to you to not talk to me and mind me anymore.

days passed and finally the truth came out. i had a bad friend who told him that i told her that he was my boyfriend... i said o my god what the hell.... i would never do that i knew that he would feel that way.

i never even wanted this to happen... i swear... i don't know why do i feel very useless my life. i wanted to clear things out to him and he never listened.

i want to tell him the truth
i want to clear things out
i want to tell him that no don't believe her believe me.
i wanted to fix things
i want
i want
i want to be with you again

i want to be friends with you again... talking to me... to be honest i hate myself....
all i want to do is have fun and please talk to me.

i am so sorry
even though its not my fault. i never wanted this to happen.... i didn't even told her that your my boyfriend. i some times feel so mean sad bad and all of those things that would make me feel so terribly sorry.

all i want is for you to mind me now please...
i know your reading this and all i want is that you to talk to me.....

i am having a hard time in my life.... i want to be with you
spend time with you as my friend because


that all i want to say and do...
please just talk to me please....