Hi friends! I'm here again with another article. This will be about my relaxing playlist, as you can say from the title. :) I'll also post some lyrics from the songs, so, yeah. Let's get into it.

1. Edwin Raphael - Colder
(And I wonder what makes you laugh these days
And I wonder what makes you you)

2. Luca Fogale - To Hold on to You
(To be quite honest I've grown tired off
All the things that people 'round here say)

3. Adam Barnes - Bad luck
(I've been staring back at you
With nothing to say and
You watch me sit and overthink
With no words for the page)

4. Aquilo - Losing you
(Maybe there's another way
Maybe words don't have to play another part)

5. Aquilo - Silhouette
(It's only been a moment
It's only been a lifetime
But tonight you're a stranger
Some silhouette)

6. Bry - Adventure time
(So please, please, please won't you join me until the very end?
It's adventure time again.)

7. Xov - Lucifer
(I’ve been dragged through the mud
I can still taste the blood
Oh lord, what have become of me?)

8. Gavin James - Nervous
(I promise that I'll hold you when it's cold out
When we lose our winter coats in the spring)

9. Milo Greene - What's the matter?
(Dreamer, you will waste your time
Do you ever wonder why
We go on and on and on?
Love is gone and gone and gone)

10. Milo Greene - I'll wait
(I'll wait for you, forever
I'll wait for you, until you come home)

So, these are some of my relaxing songs. Thank youi for reading this article. :) hope you'll like the songs if you listen to them.

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