Hello beautiful humans! Today I’ll be doing a fun challenge that focuses on positivity! I was tagged by my good friend Lixi, @flawlesskiss. The creator was @writerforlife, also known as Kaylee, the creator of #TheSmileProject! These are two wonderful people, you need to check them out. :)

Let’s get started!




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What I’m Most Confident About Myself:

My intelligence.

One Insecurity:

My teeth. They aren’t straight, since I have yet to get braces.

Pictures That Inspire Me or Make Me Happy:

flowers, summer, and beach image bright, indie, and pastel image article and friends image beach, dog, and summer image

Favorite Word:


Dream Job:


Favorite Song:

Scars To Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

Favorite Quote(s):

quotes, beauty, and life image Image by ✿ ℳ ℰ Ꮆ ✿ quotes, creativity, and mind image quotes, game, and inspiration image

Favorite Quality About Me:

My wacko personality.

What Positivity Means To Me:

Positivity, to me, is when I smile from the little things in my day. When my shampoo smelled amazing, I just smiled. Positivity makes me feel like I’m unstoppable. Positivity reminds me that nothing will ever be perfect, but I can make the best out of it all.

Advice To Those Struggling With Positivity:

Do what you love. Seriously, make time in your hectic schedule to do things that make you genuinely happy. Play some good music, go for a stroll, whatever you enjoy. Be kind to yourself, and remember that self love is not selfish, it’s important.

This Is Me:

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Say This:

I am me. I am beautiful. I am a masterpiece. I will except myself for who I am, and work each day to love myself more. Though life is tough, I will always remember the good things that make life worth living. I am loved.

I Nominate These People To Do This Challenge:

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Shay Elisé
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That’s it for this article. I hope you have a fantastic day, and remember that I love you very much. Stay beautiful, loves. ♡