A- army green

eyes, makeup, and eyebrows image fashion, green, and champion image snake, green, and aesthetic image green, clothes, and grunge image
army green was introduced around the time of World War ll

B- baby blue

blue, young forever, and bts image aesthetics, baby blue, and crystals image rainbow, alternative, and aesthetic image Image by ElleyBelly 🐛
the first use of baby blue was first recorded in 1892

C- cherry blossom pink

cat, animal, and pink image makeup, hair, and pink image pink, asian, and fish image nails, pink, and flowers image
cherry blossom was first recorded in Japan in 1867, being a very popular color with the Japanese people of the time

D- daffodil

yellow and daffodills image yellow, flowers, and style image yellow image yellow, house, and home image
(couldn't find a description rip)

E- eggplant

minimalist, pastel, and aesthetic image alternative, Darkness, and forest image dark image beauty, make up, and purple image
although it sounds funny eggplant is actually a color! and it was first introduced in 1915

F- fuchsia

berries, health, and strawberry image pink and flowers image purple, neon, and light image flowers, fuchsia, and green image
this color was named after the flower that had a fuchsia color and first took its name in the 16th century

G- gold

beautiful, pink, and shoe image flowers, gold, and rose image golden, lips, and nails image architecture, art, and gold image
gold was first recorded in 1400 and later on used by stamp collectors

I- iridescent

aesthetic, indie, and pink image glitter and iridescent image cool, holograph, and holo sexual image rose, pink, and flowers image

J- jade

beauty, makeup, and chechen image boots, green, and emerald image etsy, fingerless gloves, and mittens image green, aesthetic, and quotes image
jade is also called jade because it is a representation of the gemstone jade

K- kiwi

food, fruit, and green image city, coffee, and grunge image green, popsicle, and fruit image fresh, fruit, and green image
kiwi is a crayola marker and crayon color

L- lavender

gold layered necklace, lavender pants, and lavender crop tank top image ulzzang, flowers, and purple image hair, hairstyle, and colour image ice cream, food, and purple image
also called floral lavender and is a medium violet

M- mustard yellow

bright, brown, and cactus image yellow, melanin, and beauty image yellow, aesthetic, and indie image nails, yellow, and aesthetic image
Mustard Yellow is similar to the color Flax.. its also one of my favorite colors ;)

N- neon

Image removed rose, white, and black image be strong, empowerment, and females image neon, blue, and tokyo image
couldnt find description

O- ocean blue

background, beach, and blue image adorable, beautiful, and blue eyes image summer image blue, crystal, and nails image
Crayola has a crayon named after this color

P- pastel

anime, girly, and kawaii image aesthetic, etsy, and fashion image aesthetic, pale, and pastel image blue, flowers, and aesthetic image
coouldnt find description

Q- couldnt find a color/pattern

R- rose quartz

pink, aesthetic, and crystal image pink, crystal, and witch image architecture, building, and pink image background, crystal, and nails image
first use of rose quartz was in 1926

S- snow

geneva, snow, and snowy image Image removed dog, cute, and puppy image Image removed
i love the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

T- teal

architecture, blue, and interior design image turquoise, blue, and teal image blue, ootd, and clothes image fireworks image
the name teal comes from the name of a bird

U- ultra pink

aesthetic, lamp, and pink image pastel, pink, and sanrio image pink, fashion, and hair image pink, aesthetic, and light image
ultra pink is a shade of magenta

V- vanilla

food, ice cream, and yummy image cake, food, and aesthetic image food and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
The color vanilla is a rich tint of off white

W- watermelon

clothing, croptop, and fashion image watermelon and fashion image food, watermelon, and fruit image watermelon, heart, and food image
couldnt find description

X- xbox green

aesthetic, dark, and emo image beautiful, black, and bridge image girl, adidas, and fashion image aesthetic, blue, and dark image
ok look its the only thing that i could come up with so ya...

Y- yellow

yellow, flowers, and smile image yellow, aesthetic, and fruit image nike, yellow, and shoes image autumn, tree, and yellow image
too lazy to look at description sorry

Z- zebra

animals, zebra, and b&w image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black and white image Image by arzu animal, zebra, and baby image
couldnt find description

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