First, I need to say, my English is not good, as I said before, hope you enjoy reading this article.

I wasn't using We Heart It for a while. There are some reasons for that. I was in pain. I was in real pain. And I didn't feel like I was living. I was just waking up, being ready, going school, sleeping(I was sleeping at school but actually before all these happened, I was a real nerd), going home, sleeping again. And one of the most important thing, here is I didn't have a "eating plan" these days. I lost so many pounds, firstly; and then I got much more. I wasn't eating at school. I was like,"Do you see me?I am happy. And as old days, I am in a diet again and I will have a perfect body."

But inside, deep deep inside, I was alone and couldn't talk to anyone about my little world. So, why I was always feeling depressed?

I broke up with my boyfriend 3 months ago. First month after breaking-up was really hard for me. Because what we lived was real. He was my first love and our relationship wasn't like a childish thing. Everyone in the school was admiring us. They want to find someone like we found each other.

And then, everything was gone. I was alone. I left him. But he wanted me to do this. We both in different emotions.I wasn't understanding him like I did before. He kept saying about his empty broken heart. But not because of me. He had a hard life. No matter.

Then, this one month passed. I started to feel better. After that, my family has started to change. They were broken like I was before. My dad, my mom, my uncle... Everybody was always depressed and in violence.

The most funny thing for me is, I was talking these situations with him before all these happened. And he was gone. My dad and mum were gone. I was broken again.

While I was at school, I was always laughing and never cried. I just cried once because all the things were coming through me. I was like in deep black hole and nobody saw me. Except my friends.

They knew I was in depression, I was laughing loudly, I was doing strange things.

Then, my grades... They were actually really, really bad. And this was the first time that I was looking at my grades and saying:"What happened to me?"

And all the events in my life has changed. Events were complicated.

How did I get rid of it?


All I have to say is:"Never give up in this life. Love yourself and keep being happy. Why? Because life is too short to be depressed. And never really trust someone. Don't forget that they can go. They can left you. But you, you will never let yourself go until you die. So, live and be happy."