hi, i'm ava, this is my first article and hopefully not my last. i haven't been one weheartit for ages and i am hoping to go on it more often. i thought for ages about what i could possibly say that might entice people to read this, but honestly, i have nothing, so i'm just going to write and hope for the best.

so, as you know now, i'm ava. today i got a blood test to see if i'm iron deficient. yesterday i went to the doctor to talk about depression and in the next few months i'll be seeing a psychologist. i've always struggled with, mental health, body image, social anxiety, the list goes on. but the main thing i've always struggled with is friends. as i said, i've always struggled with social anxiety, so making friends has always been hard. but, if and when i did have a friend, i'd either hold on to them with dear life or just always be, sort of, distant. i wouldn't be open with them, or i'd be to open, then when we had a fight (which was often) they'd use those things i was open about against me.

but, thanks to a friend i made in year 4 i met my best friend now. we met in year 6 and she is so amazing. she is the only friend i ever made that has actually listened and still listens to me and my problems, because that's one of the thing's we have in common, our problems. i've known her for years, since we were kids, but only been friends for about a year. it has been the best year of my life. i can honestly remember the first day she walked in the class room and i remember just smiling. she still had long hair at the time and half of it was loosely tied back, with her bangs hanging loose. that was the first day of the best next few years of my life. i don't want her to ever leave my side. i fantasize us living in a apartment with two of our other friends having movie days with our little dog.

well, that just turned into me praising my best friend. but i am really grateful for her and love her so much.

some thing else i love (if you haven't noticed) is writing. i love being able to express my feelings in some way apart from constantly crying. even though i don't want a career in writing, it's still really fun.

i also really like photography. it's definitely not something i do often. but i wish i did it more often. i love going out and taking photos then experimenting with different editing software and that kinda thing.

that's really it, i mean, i hate sport and can't do it what so ever, so there's that. i don't think there's anything else. anyway, doubt anyone will read this but, anyway, gotta start some where. bye.