When we talk about Rihanna, we talk about one of the most stylish woman on the music industry. So, here we're going to find some of her signature looks (makeup, hair and outfits from casual to red carpets). Here you go:


  • Riri can go from bare face to sexy vampy looks, there's no line in the middle to her.
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Always keeping the eyes neutral but making everything pop with the lip color.
  • As we all know, Robyn changes her hair all the time. From long and straight to red and wavy to short to blond. And there's a lot we can learn from her. Don't be afraid to change.
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Take some inspiration from her and don't be afraid to change your hair.
  • Rihanna is always on the public eye, so, whenever she's spotted out on the street, she's serving looks for us. Oversize everything with high heels suits her perfectly.
rihanna, bob marley, and riri image rihanna and riri image Image by Ilhem rihanna and street style image rihanna image rihanna and fashion image
Skinny jeans and oversize things, with high heels or over the knee boots.
  • No doubt that our Fenty girl is the most iconic person when it comes to night outfits or red carpets. Here are some examples.
bad girl, christian louboutin, and coat image rihanna, dress, and valerian image rihanna, blue, and dress image rihanna and bbhmm image rihanna, fashion, and riri image rihanna, pink, and riri image
From big to little dresses with faux fur coats in every color, and high heels or boots, she always leave us speachless.
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