March 09. 2018.

Today something happened to me, being the person I was before I would never tell, however, I think it deserves to be counted, because I know there are many people who are in my place, and feel what I do.

Let's talk about the rejection, yes, those 9 letters that EVERYBODY, without exception, scares us ...

I was rejected in a criminal law competition of my university, really at the time of applying to such competition I was excited, however, it was not something that would take away my sleep but if I cared, the results would be given yesterday, I thought I was going to be selected, because the opportunity to be inside such a delegation is unique, however, to my surprise it is not left.

I was very impressed how I felt, I felt defeated, unsuccessful, useless and of course, REJECTED.

But ... I thought of something.

Is "rejection" something good or bad?

For a long time we deceived ourselves thinking that rejection is a bad thing, but it really is an excellent and very good opportunity to ask ourselves, can I really feel badly change the situation? OF COURSE THAT NO, and that is something VEERY GOOD.

I will explain...

Sometimes we think we can handle everything around us, but it's not like that, it's all about 50/50, we do everything in our hands, and if it's for us and at the right time, that's so much we long for it will be given to us.

Rejection is our best teaching, let's start from it to propose new, bigger goals, to give the best of ourselves again, WITHOUT FEAR, do not be afraid of rejection.

I will repeat myself every day: "To fear rejection, is to fear to live new experiences".

To tell them this is to open myself in a different way, but I know that like me, there are people afraid to try something new for fear of being rejected and losing, but guys, not trying something new is to lose much more, because we deprive ourselves of living new experiences and we can not afford that luxury, WE ONLY HAVE A LIFE, and it is our duty to live it to the maximum.