✨ Let's be friends! ✨

Check out my update(d) article and response to creating this group chat!

Hey ya'll. So one of my goals for the year is to make friends and what better way to find some then by using WHI. All you have to do is send me a postcard of this article with the information I asked below about you, if you want to kick off a conversation with me that's fine too. I don't use social media like ever, so I will be making a group chat in either Snapchat, via phone number, or Discord (Mobile/PC). If I get enough people who actually want to do this, I'll let you guys decide which platform we'll use. I also wouldn't mind having video calls, phone calls and stuff along that line. We can also watch stuff on Rabb.it (Netflix n chill 3.0)

Let's go over the stupid things I talk about first off (Let's see if we're similar),

- Memes I mean you should have seen that coming.
- Thoughts, I have a lot of them too. Shower thoughts, dark thoughts, 3am thoughts, "I'm high, but not at all" thoughts, the list goes on man
- I love late night conversations but to avoid blowing up someone's phone who isn't in the same timezone let's keep those in a different chat called "Late Night Conversations".
- I love talking about music, seriously it's an addiction and I would love to meet someone that shares the same music interest as me.
- I'm always giving people advice even though my life is a problematic mess.
- I like talking about serious talks (no I'm not referring to politics necessarily) like crime investigations, conspiracy theories, space, etc.,
- I am passionate about my love for art.
- I am into Kpop, I'm not like a crazy, super fan or anything and I do prefer Khip hop and Krap more than anything. (I used to be a huge Kpop fan back in the day and yes I do listen to BTS)
- I don't support colorism, racism, homophobia, or body shaming.
- I love random, weird questions that really make you think about your answer.
- I am very much the "Mom" of the friend group, I will be on your head about whether or not you're good.

Rules & Concerns:

  • Be active. (Please if you aren't talking for like days you're getting kicked out of the group chat man.)
  • Be mature!! (I shouldn't have to tell you that.)
  • Any race, gender, sexuality (I don't care what you are man and you should have the same views.)
  • Be nice (okay but no lie if you're mean in a joking way I won't mind because I'm the same way)
  • Be supportive of every one, (I'm all about the LOVE)
  • Be lit (don't be boring)
  • I don't expect those "Hey" "Wyd" "Nm u" type of conversations you'll be CANCELED.


Yes you can most definitely still join! There are no restrictions or deadlines. The groupchat is back open and if you'd like to join....

Fill This Out:

  • Name (And/Or Nickname):
  • Age:
  • Brief (Short) Introduction: You can tell us more about yourself once you are added to the group.
  • Avaliblity: So I can expect how active you'll be, if you have school, work, strict parenting guidelines let me know.
  • Timezone: Everyone is from all around the world and it's cool to see where you all are from
  • Snapchat @ & Phone Number: Your # will not be shared with anyone but myself. It'll only be used for future reference if the group chat truly doesn't last and I want to further our communication! (Also tell me if you have a whatsapp if not ignore this)

At the end of the day, we'll all be one big happy family and if there is miracle that gives one of us the chance to meet one another then that would be really cool! Hope that we'll become great friends. Have a great day! 💘

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