And when the lights leisurely faded into faultless oblivion, he offered her his hands like one would have offered wings. The one she accepted almost too willingly like she was untaught to do anything but that. For, in her reasons she knew that with his heart beating by her side, they would slither past everything working against their will to set them apart. Together they would choke the malice of every vice with the trueness of their love. Oh their hearts so pure! In that moment, nothing mattered. They were souls so in love they didn’t need a mask of perfection. They were an overly knot of abundance.

They gazed into each other as if they could unravel their mask with the veracity of their love. Their eyes blazing with a pristine harmony, exchanging amorous glances of love and love alone. Looking at each other with such fervor that it was beyond compare. They didn’t care for explanations. They didn’t care for answers. Nothing could set them apart. Nothing could surpass the verity of their love. They were positive of this. This was reason enough to believe that they shared a love like none another in this muffled world.

They wanted to break the stealthily saturninity. Speak of all the times they rung bells of blue, contemplating the reasons why they allowed their pride to fester their old wounds. But they were a tangled tongue. Their breaths seemed to question how they had their beauty scattered within a spurge of exhaled breaths. It was true that they had delved into shadows of misgiving, unversed by the profoundness of their love. They had dived deep into a bottomless abyss where the darkness consumed the better of them. But time and apart, their souls were searching to be found. To be loved against all the reasons why their hearts had spited against each other. But sitting to themselves in the darkness that now surrounded them, they had learnt to break free from their imprisonment.

Never will their passion implode with the poison they drank in hopes to be revealed.

Never will they question the surge of affection, the after- glowing beauty of their love

Never will they let the sun in their eyes to set off, leaving a gape in the crater of their chest

Never will they build a funeral pyre to watch themselves get reduced to admissions of guilt

Never will they say never to their love that beguiles desert flowers into blooming.