hello !!
so i'm finally gonna start writing articles because i've been wanting to do this for so long. i thought for my first article i could tell y'all a lil bit about myself,,
i've seen quite a few people do this so i thought i'd join in because it seems fun,, thank you for reading โ™ก


fashion aesthetic fashion beige
i like to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable in my own skin and reflect my personality


Superthumb bts I Love You Superthumb
๐Ÿ™. i've been dancing ever since i was little and now i like to teach my self kpop dances when I get inspired. ๐Ÿš. i'm always listening to music no matter what i'm doing and i love finding new music. ๐Ÿ›. i really like learning and practicing new languages, right now i'm learning french, italian and i'm trying to teach myself korean. ๐Ÿœ. i like teaching others around me about important stuff that i'm passionate about. some of these things include feminism and equality for people of colour.


aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic cake
my favourite colour // aesthetic is brown because it makes me feel warm and at home,, it also reminds me of cafรฉs which are one of my favourite places


bambi bambi bambi Superthumb
according to loads of people,, if i was an animal i would be a deer,, and i wholeheartedly agree with this. also my favourite animal is a bunny so i think bambi fits in with this quite well


jin Superthumb bts v
i love bts more than anything in the whole entire world. also jeon jeongguk is the loml and i would do anything for him because he brings more love and happiness into my life than anything else could


jin yellow Superthumb Superthumb
i think we've already understood that bts is gonna be on this list so let's move on, this isn't very accurate because i like loads of different artists and lots of just random songs that i find on the internet but some of my favs are post malone, the 1975 and lany


Superthumb bed Superthumb anime
i'm really shy nd quiet and i keep a lot to myself,, i also feel sad quite a lot. but i'm extremely caring and empathic towards others and i'm really good at giving advice

this took me way longer than i thought it would've but that's okay,, thank you for your time,, make sure to take care of yourself and never forget you're loved !
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