I've got hurt, my heart's been broken. I could have helped it, but I didnt, I chose you.

He is with her now, though they won't have it easy, all our friends are going to leave them alone, just like they did when you and I were together, you are with her now, she is my friend. I can't even hate her. She told me, long before you and I started, you were feeling something for her, but she got this boyfriend so you had to get away. Then you saw me again just like the first time we met and made me believe that it was actually me the one you wanted, she told me to love you, that you were from the good guys, see why I cannot hate her?. But I still wondering, why, why did you make me fall in love , why if you always knew it was her and not me, why...why did you choose to hurt me.
You both left the country, I could've gone with you, however I knew this was going to happen, he was going to choose her at the end. You both betrayed me, she was supposed to be my friend she was the only one who told me to love you, none of my friends did, they said you were going to hurt me. So why if I always knew, I chose you either way.
Now you've broken my heart and I just feel empty, angry at moments, but mostly empty. I cannot hate you, you both need me now, you are all alone, she is alone and I'm just your love story's collateral damage.

This might be the last time I talk in this way about you. I want to forget all about it. I will soon leave too, time will heal my wounds and hopefully this collateral damage would have been worth it.