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I don't know about you guys, but I sometimes have crappy days, especially today. Some days are amazing and then days like this. It's a Friday, I should be out partying and hanging out with friends, but today everyone is "ugly" with their personalities. It sucks knowing people hide their feelings and don't know how to show their emotions. So sometimes they put in on you, it doesn't help when you are the "rock" for most relationships.

Crying in school is a big no, being too confident is a big no and any emotion or personality people have is a big no in my school. We are judged based on how we look and or speak. It sucks having English as my second language, because I would get made fun of for not having clear English.

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People never seem to realize where people come from and always have to hide themselves from the cruel world. So much ugly is in the world and especially in people and I remember thinking the world was so great and then I started to see the ugly and I just wish I could change it with a magic wand. No one is born hatting people or born judging people, we learn from others and can be lost at times and only can relate with other people , by judging other people. It is just a sad thing that I see when I go to school or out in public.

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There is positive and good people in the world and I find if you can be on of those people, it makes a difference in other lives and yours as well. You just got to change , while everyone is lost trying to figures out what they need to be in the world. So many expectations and standards for men and women, its hard to strive and not have flaws, but in the end everyone needs flaws to shine with there amazing features!

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