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Today I am going to write about my favourite fashion pieces. Hope you enjoy!

1. I love hoodies,
I think people definitely underestimate them not only are they a super comfortable option, but they can also make for an absolutely adorable look.

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2. Ripped Jeans,
Jeans are an essential in every girls wardrobe, but the rips add that extra edge that just tops off a look.

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3. leather jackets,
A leather jacket is one of my personal favourites. It can be dressed up or down and is a great compliment to almost any outfit.

black black black black black

4. Bralettes, Bralettes, Bralettes,
Need I say anymore?

beauty beauty beauty bra beauty

5. jumpsuits,
Definitely more of a summer option but still one of my top favorites.

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6. jean skirts,
Jean skirts are so cute and always look flattering. A touch of class with an edge.

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7. Knitted sweaters,
Knitted sweaters are so unique and beautiful and they work all year round. you can pair them with shorts, leggings, jeans.

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8. Converse
They are kind of iconic. I just love how they look with pretty much anything.

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9. Cardigans
When styled properly a Cardigan can be to final touch that makes your look. It is super cute and classy. I love it!

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10. A Confident Smile
Who you are is more beautiful than any fashion piece. you are a beautiful piece of art, so love yourself. you deserve happiness. the best look, is happy and kind.

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Thanks For reading, I love you guys.

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