Coke or Pepsi?
- Coke

TV or books?
- Both

Clean freak or neat slob?
- Clean freak (but I do get sloppy sometimes )

Dogs or cats?
- Dogs

Coffee or tea?
- Coffee (by far)

Beach or mountains?
- Beach!

Night owl or early bird?
- night owl

Chocolate or vanilla?
- Chocolate!

Extrovert or introvert?
- Introvert

Summer or Winter?
Ketchup or mustard?
- mustard
Comedy or mystery?
- Both
Gold or silver?
Facial hair or clean shaven?
- depends
Hair up or hair down?
- hair up

Bracelet or necklace?
- necklaces
Sausage or bacon?

Sunrise or sunset?
- Sunset
Fancy or casual?
- definitely casual!

Hot or cold drinks?

Pink or blue?
- preferably, pink, but both are pretty

Scrambled eggs or fried?
- Scrambled

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
-milk chocolate

Antique or brand new?
- brand new

Trendy or unique?
- trendy

Monsters or aliens?
- ummm... how bout neither?

True love or love at first sight?
- true love <3

Star Wars or Star Trek?
- neither (don't watch them)

Washing dishes or doing laundry?
- meh... I need to do both.

Pen or pencil?
- Pen

Call or text?
- text

Curly hair or straight hair?
- curly (but I wish my hair was straight)

Short or tall?
- not kidding I'm dead in the middle, not considered short/tall

Truth or dare?
- truth

Daisies or roses?
- Roses!

Lake or ocean?

Hoodie or zip - up?
- Hoddie

Massage or facial?
- Facial

Long or short hair?
- short (but I really want long hair)

Salty or sweet?
- sweet

Hulu or Netflix?
- Netflix

Shake or smoothie?
- smoothie

History or math?
- gross ... neither

Sculptures or paintings?
- both ( i LOVE art)

Shower or bath?
- Shower

Beauty or brains?
- ummm ... why not both???

Diamonds or pearls?
- diamonds!

Doughnuts or bagels?
- Doughnuts

Hearts or stars?
- hearts

Mascara or eyeliner?
- Mascara

Pop or Hindi?
- Pop

Rap or country?
- Rap

Bold or bland?
- Bold

Dine in or take out?
- Dine in

Big party or small gathering?
- both

Night in or a night out?
- Night in

Burger or taco?
- Burger

Passenger or driver?
- Passenger

Earbuds or headphones?
- earbuds

Cany or popcorn?
- Popcorn

Funny guy or rich guy?
-Funny guy

Train or plane?
- Plane

Iced coffee or hot coffee?
- Iced coffee

Strawberry or banana?
- Strawberries

Blunt or delicate about the truth?
- Blunt

Speak up or stay quiet?
- Speak up

Day or night?
- Day

Sephora or Ulta?
- Sephora!!!

City or countryside?
- City

Sandwich or soup?
- Sandwich

Cake or brownie?
- Brownie

M&Ms or Skittles?
- M&Ms

Superpower: fly or invisibility?
- Flying

Skirt or pants?
- Pants

Travel to the past or into the future?
- In the future

Truck or car?

Waffles or pancakes?
- Waffles

Indoors or outdoors?
- Outdoors

A fancy night out or chill night in?
- Chill night in

Glitter or plain?
- Plain

PC or Mac?
- PC

Ice cream or yogurt?

Crushed ice or cubed ice?
- Cubed

Game face or smile?
- Smile :)

Peanut butter or jelly?
- Jelly

Grammies or Oscars?
- Gramies

Spicy or mild?
- Spicy

A morning shower or evening shower?
- Evening shower

Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?
- Rollercoaster

Bright colors or neutral tones?
- Neutral Tones

Raisins or nuts?
- both

Whine or beer?
- Neither ... champagne is for me

Cardio or weights?
- A little bit of both!

Apple or Android?
- Apple

Pasta or pizza?
- Pizza!!

Swimming or sunbathing?
- Swimming

Football or basketball?
- Football is more entertaining

Work hard or play hard?
- Both!

Jogging or hiking?
- Jogging

Sneakers or sandles ?
- Sneakers