Hey guys! How's your day going? Today I'm gonna do the 13 facts about me challenge. It was created by @itsqueenems and I was tagged by my lovely friend Paulien <3

Let's beggin!

1. M u s i c :

Both my parents are pianist, my grandma and grandpa were pianists, my two aunts and uncle are pianists, my brother and cousin are pianists...
I chose violin when I was two years old ;)

music girl

2. M a t u r i t y :

Since I'm a little girl (I'm talkign about kinder) I prefered being with the teachers than with my classmates. I didn't understand why no one could read or write or play an instrument (it was because every person that went to my home played a musical instrument, and I learned to read when I was 2). I hated that almost every kid was so silly hahaha.

3. L i t e r a t u r e :

As I mentioned before, I started reading at age 2, so I grew up to become a bookworm lol. In my room I have 5 boockshelves and I need more. Because of my readings, I started writing well too. I love to create scenarios and feelings with words: I love to write :)

book autumn

4. H a i r :

Three years ago I cut my hair super short (it didn't cover my ears), but now my curly, light brown hair reaches up to my waist.

beauty beach

5. S t i m m :

This may sound weird, but I love stimmy stuff videos.

Superthumb Superthumb

6. P e t :

My first and current pet is a beautiful brunette chihuahua called Jazz <3

adorable Superthumb

7. G e r m a n :

Today I had my first German lesson!!

8. C o l l e g e :

This year I'm applying to music college (even if I'm only 15 years old).

9. R e c o r d :

I've been qualified as the youngest soloist (playing as a soloist with an orchestra) of Mexico, having my debut at age 6.

10. S e r i e s :

I have this problem where I go extremely obsessive with TV programs hahaha. I've been in love with: Sherlock, Avatar, Arrow, Flash, Steven Universe, etc. And I go obssesive for all of them (while I'm watching them).

steven universe arrow Superthumb toph

11. L o v e ?

I've just been in love with one guy in my life... but we didn't work. Am I falling in love again?

12. F a m i l y :

Half of my family is from Colombia because my Grandpa is from that country. I have a half sister that lives in Germany and has a family there.

Superthumb antique

13. H e a l t h :

I love exercising, dancing, eating natural and healthy, I love fruits, etc, etc. So my body and my person reflects that health :)

Superthumb food

T A G :

Note: I don't know if you've done this.

k e l l y y ☾
k e l l y y ☾
Anastasia Ciah
Anastasia Ciah

That's it for today guys! I hope you liked knowing me a little bit better :)
Have a nice weekend!

With love,

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