I was going to say that I can not believe what I am doing, but I am aware of my actions. I am counseling the boy who broke my heart to beat his ex, when I have not even beaten him. I do not know, I do not feel bad doing it, I love him with all my heart, and I only want the best for him, but without being affected.

Before falling in love with him and ending up like that, we were friends and I promised him I would be in the best and worst situations, but especially in the worst case, I can not break that promise when he has always been there for me. .
I gave him some advice, one that came from the union of the council that I have given and that they have given me. It's the next one, and I want to share it with you.

everything takes time, and when we least believe it, we have already overcome it, but we have to be firm, it is not that today, I must overcome it, and tomorrow I can not, I can not reach it. You must make sure you want to do it. It is difficult to do it, sometimes something has to happen and it makes us open our eyes, it makes us say that I can not continue with this, and that impels me to continue. and you will see, the time here will pass slowly, very slowly; you must be strong and persevering to be able to win

I return and I repeat that everything takes time, and I say that just as you love, you have the ability to forget in the same way.

Thanks for read this<3