Hey, it's Alison.
I found this tag in another article (which I'll link below) and I thought it was a pretty good one, so hopefully you'll enjoy!

  • A-Age: 14
  • B-Best Movie: I recently liked The Greatest Showman and Your Name. And I forever love Back To The Future.
  • C-Current Time: 5:51 pm
  • D-Drink You Last Had: Cranberry flavored water .
  • E-Everyday Starts With: Laying in bed or making my bed.
  • F-Favorite Song: Recently- Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab, Runnin' Home To You from The flash, and We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow by Soko.
  • G-Grossest Memory: Something a friend told me about someone I knew..
  • H-Height: 5 (1.53 mts)
  • I-In Love With: Any kind of art, Bullet Journal, BTTF, BATB, Jessie Paege, Brandon Woelfel, taking pictures, etc.
  • J-Jealous of: People who don't work but still do fine, and people who don't give too much importance to what they don't have to.
  • K-Killed Someone: Nah.
  • L-Last Time I Cried: Hmm, maybe about a week ago because of an assignment.
  • M-Middle Name: N/A
  • N-Number of siblings: 1, a younger sister.
  • O-One Wish: For people to care more about what matters.
  • P-Person You Last Texted/Called: My dad and my 2 best friends.
  • Q-Question You're Always Asked: "Would you pass me the homework?" .-.
  • R-Reason To Be Happy: Sunsets and art.
  • S-Song You Last Sang: Death of a Bachelor -P!ATD
  • T-Time You Woke Up: 5:58 am
  • U-Underwear Color: White.
  • V-Vacation Place: I would love to go to Salar de Uyuni, Paris, Rome, etc.
  • X-Rays You've Had: An encephalogram and [I think that] also a lung one.
  • Y-Your favorite food: Italian (pizza, spaguetti, etc) and ice cream.
  • Z-Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Thank you for reading!



Here's the article I got the idea from: