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"Know your worth than add tax"
  • "6 INCH" - Beyoncé
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"Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody's business/ Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness"
  • "Pour it up" - Rihanna
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"Money on my mind, money, money on my mind /Throw it up, throw it up /Watch it fall out from the sky"
  • "Bartier Cardi" - Cardi B
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"Red bottom MJ/ Moonwalk on a bitch, moonwalkin' through your clique /I'm moonwalkin' in the 6/ Sticky with the kick, moonrocks in this bitch"
  • "Bitch better have my money" - Rihanna
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"Pay me what you owe me, don't act like you forgot/ Bitch better have my money"
  • "Bodak yellow" - Cardi B
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"If I see you and I don't speak/ That means I don't fuck with you/ I'm a boss, you a worker bitch/ I make bloody moves"
  • "Trust None" - Molly Brazy
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"Never trust a fake/ They gone talk behind yo back and then smile up in yo face"
  • "Expen$ive" - Saweetie
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"All my exes took an L, because they couldn't carpe diem/ Had me but they lost me, I would really hate to be them"
  • "Beez in the trap" - Nicky Minaj
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"Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t saying nothin’/ A hundred mothafuckas can’t tell me nothin’/ I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap"
  • "Icy Girl" - Saweetie
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"Charging by the minute cause my time is very pricey"

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