Hello there!
So I saw this trend here in WHI and I really really loved it, so I decided to make my version of it.

P ~ Plum

burgundy, red, and wallpaper image burgundy, plum, and Queen image sweater image clouds and burgundy image

A ~ Aquamarine

blue and gem image aesthetic, color, and green image aesthetic, light blue, and beautiful image aesthetic, summer, and love image

U ~ Ube

hair, girl, and purple image purple, ice cream, and food image breakfast, Brooklyn, and usa image cake image

L ~ Light Gold

light, dark, and grunge image accessories, aesthetic, and design image jellyfish, photography, and light image gold, heart, and black image

I ~ Ivory

quotes, french, and aesthetic image flowers, rose, and white image beautiful, ivory, and travel image music, piano, and coffee image

N ~ Navy blue

aesthetic and city image waves, sea, and blue image aesthetic, denim, and grunge image blue, theme, and fireworks image

A ~ Amazon green

forest, green, and trees image Amazon, green, and inspo image plantes, riviere, and exotique image nature, waterfall, and green image
And now I'm covered in the colors, pull apart at the seams


Ps. Yup, that quote is from Colors by Halsey.
She is one of my favorite artists, I love her, and that song is also one of my favorites.

Credits to the authors of the pictures