Technically it's not day 6 but day 7, because it is 00:18 AM. I still count it as day 6. Well, I'm already getting tired, so I'm getting started.
PS. This list is not necessarily in correct order.

Day 6

Make a list of 5 favourite movies

No 1

ballet ballet
I was perfect.
- Natalie Portman, Black Swan

No 2

90s 90s
You're a virgin who can't drive.
- Brittany Murphy, Clueless

No 3

couple book
Ghandi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it's very important that you do it. I tend to agree with the first part.
- Edward Pattinson, Remember Me

No 4

boy couple
Moments. Life is a series of moments. Let them go. Let them all go.
- Dakota Fanning, Now is Good

No 5

Shailene Woodley aesthetic
I just want to be free to do what I want.
- Shailene Woodley, White Bird in a Blizzard

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