Hey guys, V here. It is day 3 of the 30 day writing challenge, so today I am writing about:

4 places I want to visit

Rome, Italy

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So, i am currently living in italy but i have not had the chance to go to Rome, which I´m really hyped to meet. It´s just so beautiful and with so much history.

Paris, France

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I am such a sucker for romance and is there anything more romantic than Paris?

Vancouver, Canada

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I´ve only been to Montreal but it left me wanting to see more of Canada, and Vancouver is next.

Los Angeles, California

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Cliché, right? But ever since I was little i always wanted to go to California, walk the streets of LA, see the hollywood sign, go to the beaches. Totally on my bucket list, without a doubt.

Thanks for reading, xoxo, V