Do you not get this feeling when you just have a lot on your mind but feel like nobody is there for you?
Do actually people realise how much power they have when it comes to conforting someone?

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I am wondering if someone can live without a friend or a best friend.
Personally, I never had the pleasure to have a bff in any stages of my life, close friends yeah but not best friends.

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I am a sociable person, have many contacts and hang out with lots of nice people. Then why do I still feel lonely?


I find so interesting the fact that some people, after having fun with their group of friends, need to go home for some "me time". Even though some enjoy going out and spending time with their friends, there are also people who, in 60% cases would rather prefer to stay at home by themselfs.

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There are times when you need to sort your thoughts out and in order to do that you must be by yourself. Just you and your thoughts creating posibilities for growing as a person.

Having friends helps us so much but they can also hurt us the most
Loneliness is a good thing but it can also bring us to dark thoughts

I may write some more things like this, I would like to make some more parts of "My life feels like a test I did not study for" series.