I want to be positive because I’m bored to be the girl who always say she has a lot of problems. I want to be this girl who is always radiant, beautiful, who smile every time. But I’m not radiant, i’m not ugly but I’m not beautiful, i hate my smile, i have a reputation in my school not really positive, not really bad too, I’m transparent. It can be weird if I say « I don’t like how I’m transparent. », but it’s what I feel actually so...

I don’t really know if it’s only because it’s winter, it’s cold outside, there’s no sun, but i don’t care. I want to work on myself, « redoing » everything but stay myself and it can be contradictory for someone but, I want to change cause I’m actually not myself.

So yes, I mean, we can die everywhere, every time, but if you read this, you’re alive. Life let to us a chance to live an happy day every day. Why do we react really bad when there’s something not really good in your day? But s***! We live, we breathe, we laugh , we cry. We will living, will breathe, will cry, will laugh for all our life so please, don’t waste a day only because you had a bad mark, a bad remark, f### them at all and live only for you . Simple but real: If tomorrow was your last day before to die, what you’ll thinking? If you think bad people who critics you say true, but my friend? What’s you don’t see? They’re so weak than you and you can see that at how they belittle people cause they’re no better. You’re enough, more enough than what you think. You don’t know you’re beautiful, that what’s make you beautiful.(1D yeah I know :))

Please, take off you bad vibes, I know it will be hard i’m the first who think that but if you really want, you can.

I want to finish with that: maybe I never lived what you lived, maybe I never will. But what’s the difference if it’s not you’ll have to make more effort, but you’re human. Trials of life let you stronger than what you was.

If you want to talk about what you feel or about nothing i' here send me a DM :))

With love,

A girl who will try to feel better :))