from the small,
piano playing boy
from daegu.

to the days where
he shared a dorm
with seven others.
praying for a better tomorrow,
praying for the light to shine.

to the international star,
part of the bulletproof boyscouts,
with love and support
from all corners of the world.

through the ups and the downs,
he knew he'd make it.
his love for music driving him,
there was no limit.

from the small,
piano playing boy
from daegu.

committed with passion,
working day and night,
his heart was dedicated
to his one true love:

now breaking records everywhere
gaining award after award.
haters still trying
to wreck his image.

but no,
his dream was still there,
by the price of fame.

from the small,
piano playin boy
from daegu.

to the time he damaged his shoulder
in a delivery job.
it might've destroyed his shoulder,
but not his spirit.

to the rapper called agust d,
a freak lunatic on the beat.
sending listeners to hong kong
with his tongue technology.

an idol to many,
an inspiration for all,
a musician to many,
a genius to all.

from the small,
piano playing bot
from daegu.

happy birthday,
min yoongi.