Sometimes I'm not happy, I feel a flood of sorrow taking over body like a tidal wave. I feel unwanted and like a waste of space. I feel like my existence is so useless.

I'm around people and I see smiles on their faces and I wonder what does it take for me to be genuinely happy. Sometimes feel incomplete like theirs apart of me thats missing or been taken away from me.

I don't want anyone to show love towards me because i've been hurt so much before that I'm afraid its not genuine. I have people who care but how do I know for sure that I'm loved? That i'm meant to be here? How do I know i'm not a mistake?

I feel so broken sometimes just like... why am i here?

But I have been able to deal with it for the most part and i'm okay for now. I feel perfectly fine. Most days and then there is other days when I feel awful.