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To begin with I'm gonna tell you one short story.

Imagine one older man, one little boy and a horse that are going somewhere. At first they were walking and shortly after that the boy was riding the horse. Of course, they've seen a lot of people along the way, and those people made comments and had opinions. "How disrespectful is that the little boy is riding the horse and he's letting the old man walk beside them".. after some time they switched places and older man was riding the horse. People had opinions again. " Poor little boy he needs to walk while that man is riding a horse..", later both of them were riding the horse.. people had opinions again. "Poor horse, he needs to carry them both..", after some time both of them were walking next to the horse.. People had opinions again. "What are they doing? They have a horse and they are walking next to him instead of riding?"

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You get the point, right? People around us always have opinions and they often make comments about someone's life.

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You have to accept that society will always have opinions, and you can do nothing about it. No matter what you do, some people will find it wrong and some people right. You can't please everyone around you.

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You have to focus on your life, not the comments made on it. You're not born to listen to every comment and please people all the time. You have to think about yourself.

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Don't over think every situation, every word, every comment. That's just gonna make you feel worse and it isn't worth of your tears. YOU and YOUR mental health is more important then those empty people making comments, believe me.

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Of course, there might be days when you listen to those comments and they make you sad. But nobody else except you, will be able to constantly remind you that you shouldn't worry about people's opinions and what they have to say. You make your own luck in this world and those people won't help you achieve it.

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