You beautiful bastard. You put me through hell and you knew it, you made me feel ashamed and unwanted. You knew what i was going through and you made it worse.

You've lied to me, hurt me, broke me and never felt an ounce of remorse. I loved you with every part of me. I wanted you to love me and you told me you did. I believed you too.

I believed you every time you said you were sorry. I believed you every single time you said you made a mistake. Every single time you said you'd never do it again. but you just lied and lied and lied again.

You were the reasons i couldn't sleep, the reason why I cried my self to sleep at night. You never cared either as much as you said you did. It was all of lie. Every single time you said you loved me.. you lied.

You are the one person that I love and hate at the same time. I wish you would look me in my eyes and apologize for every tear that you caused, every ounce of pain that you made me feel for years... and mean it.

I believed you over everyone. I lied for you, and I lost people who honestly cared about me because I loved you. You've blamed me for what happened to us.

Said I didn't trust you... how could I if you've cheated on me and humiliated me time and time again.

I hate you so much, I hate the fact that I'm in love with you and I wish that I never met you.

Maybe I wouldn't be in so much pain.