So the year 2017 ended so far and we are pretty long in 2018 but I think it isnt to late so here we go

1. Fake friends
yup fake friends are EVERYWHERE, you cant kick them out. or can you? I can! And I did!
That was the best thing in 2017 that I have learned, people I dont like and who are fake I kick out of my life, thats it.

aesthetic, fuck, and sign image

2. Beauty is only skin deep
Start of 2017 I really care about what I look like and what people would think about me when I look like this or when I wear this... it was annoyed
so I start to dont take that much care about my outer.

no make up image
makeup is allways prettier

3. Every Jack will find his Jill
I fall in love... yes i know what you think, but its not like this... I swear... or is it?
idk but I am so happy to have my boy

couple, love, and kiss image
me and my boy)

4. No pains - no gains
I think the headlines says everything
this year I finally get my ass up and do something for the school and get more active

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5. live today not tommorow
Just have fun and do things you want!!

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