Have you ever been afraid of having to live your life all alone? That you will never find that one person to spend the rest of your life with? Or perhaps you are, in this very moment, just that… Afraid.
I can for sure say that this is a very familiar feeling for myself. Every time a relationship ends, this feeling comes rushing back. Will I be alone forever? Could someone possibly want to spend the rest of their life together with me? And if so, where the fuck is this person?

I do believe that this is something that most people go through at some point in their life. The fear of being alone. Unloved. However, why is it that living life alone is so terrifying? I mean, you could do anything you want, at all times. Travel wherever you'd like, whenever you'd like. To me that sounds amazing, but no matter how I turn it, I am still afraid of living life alone. Without a partner, someone to love.

But why is that? Why are we so afraid? For many people, it feels like life is not worth living without a spouse, a family. This makes me wonder whether or not that is all there is to life for many of us, creating a family and loving them unconditionally. But is that really all there is to life? Many of my married friends sure have a way of making me think so. They keep telling me to find someone and get married, but it is not that easy, or is it?

It is 2018, and all that modern “make it on your own” stuff is on top all over the internet. People are proud to live for themselves and themselves only. However, when it comes to love, none of that matters. We are all desperate to find someone to spend the rest of our life with. I suppose that is a good ting, wanting love. But I also think it is a negative thing that the society looks down on everyone that has not found someone to share their life with.

Married couples tend to invite other married couples over to hang, and exclude all their single friends. I am not saying that all couples do this, but most of them do. It makes them feel like they have something in common, and it makes them comfortable. This makes it hard for single people to feel included, and they slowly drift apart from their former friends. I do think that everything would be easier for everyone if we started to love and appreciate each individual, not based on whether or not they come in the same number of people as ourselves, alone or in a couple.

I am still young, and personally I know that there is plenty of time for me to meet someone and settle down. However, being single makes me see how it is for everyone else that has not found their muse yet. We all live in a society full of expectations. So, whether you are single, recently divorced, married, or engaged, I just want to say that you as a person is what makes you great. That is what makes life worth living, your love life is just a privilege, not something that defines who you are.