Hi again! Yes, I missed a day but I'm not known on here so nobody would have noticed. I had homework but the real reason that I didn't post a article was because I was actually lazy. Now that we got that one out of the way I hope you enjoy reading this.

Day two: describe three fears you have and why you have them

1. Finding love:

love, couple, and train image
Being in love can be difficult but that's not what I fear. I fear finding a love, that love you could talk to for hours about happy and serious things and when there is a moment where we both aren't talking, we will still feel comfortable. I do have friends where I am a hundred percent comfortable with but these are only three people so how will I ever meet a love like that? I fear not meeting that one and ending up alone without someone to hold me or with someone I don't feel that strong of a connection with.

2. Not being able to do the job I want:

study and doctor image
Here I am, choosing med school over every other thing I could do that is less hard. My family always told me that I can't go and do a edjucation that requires a lot of studying because I'm not smart enough for it, really I'm just lazy and I am doing a boring study in school so I don't put that much of an effort in it. Maybe it will require a lot of studying but I am not going to work at some office, doing a job I hate. But I do fear that I will fail at it and I am stressing about it everyday while I am just fifteen years old. I just don't want the rest of my life to suck but I fear failing med school too.

3. Getting older:

love, couple, and old image
This one I think about a lot. I am still young, really young actually and I want to grow up so I can live alone and decide things for myself but what if I lose all my friends too? I might make new ones from my university but I'm not a person to go to another one and start talking out of nowhere. I don't want to end up alone or get older and realising I haven't done shit in my life. I feel like with med school that I can study that and feel like I've archieved something great but I don't know if that's going to be reality. Me getting older also means my friends and parents getting older, which means they could become sick and die. Getting older just all scares me.

I'll see you tomorrow x