1) Being with Animals
I love Being with Animals. I live on a small Farm, and we have 20 cows, and a few more animals. I love them so much!:)

2) Singing
I have been singing since i could talk. I love singing and making up my new songs. I sing in the shower, and sometimes my brothers tease me for it XD anyways i am in my school choir, and i Participate in lots of Singing groups like Drama Club etc.

3) Read
I LOVE Reading!! I have read lots of books. Reading is one of my favorite things to do because it is calming!!

4) Sports
I Love working out, and playing sports with my friends! Its super fun, and keeps you in shape!

5) Traveling
I love going new places, and seeing new things. i have been all across the country, and i am hoping to go to England, or Brussels Belguim.

Hope you liked todays Article!! Have a great day and Live Happy!!