I don’t know where to start but I just wanted to say something, to leave some words for girls, no matter what age, who ever is struggling with her life, her happiness.
Girls disappointed by life, people, boys.
Who ever thinks that no one loves her or that she’ll never find happiness.


And by respect I mean don’t get sad easily, don’t attach to anything or anyone,
don’t cry (unless it’s over a movie lol because that’s what I’ve been doing for a couple of years 😂)

Don’t lose yourself for anything or anyone.

Don’t lose your body for anyone, respect your body it’s precious, really precious. Who ever loves you, will respect it too, don’t think that just because you give your body to a boy, he will love you forever, NO that’s not how it works for boys, as long as he gets your body, you won’t mean anything to him, trust me. No matter how many times he tells you that he loves you, it doesn't matter if he promises to never leave you, he will find a way, he will find an excuse.

Don’t give anyone the full trust, no matter how much you love them, one day they’ll leave, and you’ll be the one getting hurt. Be sure that no one stays. There’s only YOU. Don’t believe anyone telling you the opposite.
Make your happiness by your own, I know everyone says that and no one actually knows how. But let me give you some hints, don’t connect your happiness with things, people, places, things that could leave or just simply go away.
My happinesses are movies, songs, foods, workouts, flowers, colors..

Those will never die. Will never disappoint you or give up on you or leave you or make you sad. But people do all of it.

Just keep doing what you do for yourself not anyone else, and be happy about it✌🏽

Wish you all the happiness you’ve waited for, wish you a happy life.

Xoxo 💋