I know many people (including me) are / were struggling with security. I've lost some dear friends and had to look for new ones, ones I'll have the feeling I'll never lose. With that I lost them, I've lost much of my self security. I didn't know what to do. What I have done to feel better, I've written down:

Shop for new clothes
You'll feel more secure if you are in clothing that you feel beautiful in. Yes, you can say you are beautiful, because you are. We all are in our own ways. You can ask a shop co-worker to accentuate your beauties. When you are walking around in the clothes and style it great with other clothing pieces, you'll feel beautiful, like you should! A secure person, is a happy person.

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Go to a barber
Oh my God, this helped a lot. I didn't go to a barber in like forever, so it was a big change for me and everyone around me. But a good change! Everyone complemented me about my cute hairstyle. For you, it doesn't have to be a big change. Just a fresh hairstyle and your hair will look super healthy again! And it'll make you feel super great!

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Go out running from time to time
This is a thing you can do to maybe lose the fats you are not happy about. You are beautiful as you are, but it all starts with yourself; if you feel happy with your own body, you'll be more secure in no time. Oh, and plus: You can enjoy the city / forest view! Look for some great places to walk in your area :)

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Abdominal exercise
Another thing to make you lose some fats: abdominal exercises. You'll develop muscles in your belly and slowly the fats will disappear. You'll find various exercises on youtube to do these. And of course some other muscle exercises.

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Eat healthier
Of course all this training won't help if you won't eat a little healthier. Except when you just want to get fitter of course; when you just want to have a stamina. But every once in a while you can eat that bag of chips, but know that you'll probably gain some weight a few days after. Particularly when you are a teenager (mostly females) you'll clearly see those pounds on the scale. Try leave those bog of chips and maybe you like an apple..?

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Don't compare yourself to others
On instagram you see a lot of photo's of 'the perfect body'. Something you should work to. To be loved, to be respected. But guess what? It's not. It is about who you are. You earn love. You earn respect. You don't get it with having 'the perfect body'. Never compare yourself to others. When you do that, everything about you will be 'ugly' compared to the 'perfect people'. I have acné, I know what it's like to compare yourself to others with perfect skin. And so there are a lot more things to compare your body with perfect people's bodies. Don't pull yourself down by comparing. Pull yourself up to not giving a f*ck ;)

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Thinking you are good enough
...And knowing it! As I said before, you are as beautiful as you are. you are great and you should love yourself!

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This is the end of my article! I hope I could inspire you by mostly accepting yourself as who you are. And with that, feeling more secure.

If you tried anything of this list, and it worked, let me know!
But if you just want advice, or just a talk, I'm here too!
xoxo, Romy