I want to talk about something that is very important to me today. And that is Norma Jean (most people know her as Marilyn Monroe). She was literally one of the best people ever. And there is still wayyyy to many misconceptions about here. I want to debunk them today.

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Her Life

Norma Jean was born June 1, 1926 and she died on August 5, 1962 when she was only thirty six. Her mom was very mentally ill and she never knew who her father was, so for most of her childhood she was bounced from foster home to foster home. Her mom even tried to kidnap her from one of these foster homes, but she was thwarted. Norma was married off when she was only sixteen, in what was largely thought of as an agreement made through the foster parents to get her off their hands.

She was discovered while working as a pin up girl in a factory, and she agreed to work as a model. (Mostly to get experience in the entertainment industry so she could fulfill her dream of being an actress, Audrey Hepburn actually did the same thing.) But this is one the biggest misconceptions about her, Norma did ONE nude shoot ONE TIME and she only did it because the photographer's wife was on set. She wasn't a Kardashian she didn't do that stuff all the time, she only agreed to it to further her career, which was difficult as a woman. She was largely well regarded as an ambitious and hard working model, who simply refused to be ashamed of what she did to survive.

Her modeling career eventually led to an acting career. There's a ton of stupidity revolving around her name change with lots of fools claiming the be responsible (for attention) but the most common (and most likely true) version is that Fox talent scout Ben Lyon, who got Marilyn her first screen test, chose the name Marilyn. Either her mother Gladys, her guardian Grace McKee Goddard, or Marilyn herself suggested the last name, Monroe, according to various versions of the story. Norma Jeane began using the name in 1946 and legally changed to it in 1956.

She was a very accomplished actress. She has eight awards including a golden globe and ten nominations to her name. She literally acted in so many things everyone has lost count, but the number is at, at least twenty five. Acting was very important to her, she studied under several people and even learned method acting. Because of an unreasonable amount of expectations and sexism from the film companies she did encounter some problems. She even had to found her own production company called Marilyn Monroe Productions (MMP).


MARILYN NEVER MEANT TO BE A SEX SYMBOL!!! Anyone who says that or thinks that about her is wrong!! Very VERY Wrong. In a lot of her films you will notice she plays a dumbish blonde girl. MARILYN DID NOT WANT TO DO THAT. She begged Hollywood for more serious roles and she was turned down! Repeatedly! Because she loved acting and it was her only source of income she had to take the roles they forced onto her. But she was playing a role. MARILYN WAS VERY SMART! I CAN"T OVERSTATE THAT SHE WAS SOOO SO SMART. Way smarter then any role she played on film. In fact these stupid roles and lies the film company forced her into bothered her so much, they contributed to her death. I can explain that later. The point is she was a very smart woman who was very successful in her career.

In her relationships, she was married three times. But you can't blame her for this, Hollywood is a hard place to stay married. The first marriage was broken off because he made her choose between him and her dream of being an actress, She chose her dream which was brave and impressive. Then she married Joe Dimagio who did love her but was confirmed by multiple sources to be abusive. She broke up with him for her own safety. The writer Arthur Miller has largely been thought to have fallen in love with Marilyn the actress and not Marilyn the person. He thought he was marrying a silly blonde, but in real life she was far to thoughtful and ambitious and sad for him to handle MARILYN NEVER HAD AN AFFAIR WITH THE KENNEDYS! THIS HAS BEEN DEBUNKED SO MANY TIMES!


If some old guy says he had an affair with Marilyn he is most likely a liar. Because of the nature of her films and the myth of her sexuality perpetuated by the lying media it was easy for men to falsely brag about sleeping with her. Marilyn was a shy, non confrontational person. So when people lied about her and spread rumors, she ignored them. She was a woman, so who would have believed her anyway? Marilyn was NOT easy or slutty. She struggled in finding love like most of us. But any rumors about her sleeping around are lies. Lies that bothered her very much

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Marilyn died on the evening of August 5, 1962. She was in her early thirties. Due to her troubled childhood and the pressure of being a hollywood star, Marilyn struggled with mental illness. She was thought to struggle with severe anxiety, it was reported she would get so nervous she'd make herself sick before public speeches. And depression. She did have a therapist, but treatment for mental illness back then was just not good. She self medicated with alcohol and drugs to stop the pain but this probably made things worse. *Many people think Marilyn abused substances to party she did not everyone reputable who was close to her, reported she was reserved and shy. She only seemed to use these things when she was very sad, not when she wanted to cut lose.

At the time of her suicide Marilyn was very down. She had been under attack by the movie studios for missing work after a legitimate bout with tuberculosis. She was doing photo shoots trying to fix her public image which had been harmed by spiteful movie companies and men who wanted attention. She was also re negotiating her contract. She wrote in her diary about disliking human nature and not believing in love. By all accounts her moods were unpredictable and sad. It should not have been to much of a shock when she downed all of those drugs that night. A person can only take so much pain for so long.

Marilyn was not murdered. As idiotic as the movie studios were she made more money for them alive. The Kennedies had no reason to murder her because she NEVER HAD AN AFFAIR WITH ANY ONE OF THEM. Multiple investigations have ruled out any kind of foul play. Her history of mental illness and severe mood swings make suicide not only the most believable option, but the only option. She did not die of anything, but sadness.

Final Point

Marilyn Monroe was a very smart and successful woman who overcame tremendous adversity in her life. She helped teach us that women have as much of a right to a career and love life as men do. She also helped show how much rumors and mental illness can torture a person. People today still persist in making her a sex symbol. She did not want this.

Marilyn deserved to be remembered for who she really was. An incredibly smart, talented actress who was handed a life full of burdens that proved to much. Even for her.

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