the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
synonyms: the women's movement, the feminist movement, women's liberation, female emancipation, women's rights.

too many people associate the word "feminism" with the view of females being better than men, when the definition of feminism, is in fact that all genders should be treated equally. too many people also believe that we have no need for feminism, when the truth is, that we actually do, now more than ever. here are just a few of the many reasons why.

not all women around the world have the same rights
around the world, there are lots of women who experience discrimination and abuse because of their gender. and by saying this, i don't mean that other women in other cultures are automatically helpeless or in need of saving. what i mean, is that you can't generalize the experience of women. just because you don't feel affected by sexism and discrimination, that doesn't mean it's not real for other women. because, the truth is, the majority of the worlds's women, they don't live the same lives as upper class, straight, white women living in the west.

the belief in this society that women should avoid getting raped, rather than teaching men to stop raping
in many instances, women are shamed for being the victim of rape, this, rather than punishing the men (yes, i am aware that women can rape too). there is almost always some story in the news, about a judge asking a woman about what she was wearing, or why she just couldn't keep her knees together. one out of every sixth american woman has been a victim of either an attempted or completed rape, but so many of these rapes go unreported. but why is that? because the victim that reports, automatically gets blamed, or is thought to be lying. rape is happening, and it will keep on happening unless we all make an effort to prevent it.

the wage gap is real
yes, the wage gap still exists. still. in 2015 it was calculated that women only made 80 cents to ever dollar that men made, and the wage gap grows even larger when we take women of colour into account. the fact that females are still being paid less than man for the same job, should not be okay. it's not okay.

women are raised to believe that their worth is determined by their appearance
the goal should be to have a perfect body, that is what every woman has been thaught to think. being beautiful and size zero, has become so important to young girls, thanks to the disproportionate portrayal of what the average woman actually looks like. the unrealistic standards of the media, has left so may girls feeling as though they are not good enough, and this needs to stop, right now.

oh, and remember; you don't have to be female, to be a feminist.

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