♦︎this are 5 girls and 5 boys names.
I´ve got this idea from:

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meaning of Nora: "light"
origin: Old Provençal
pronounciation: no-rha
middle name ideas: Lara, Juna

meaning of Ida: "industrius one"
origin: old "oxford"-german
pronounciation: E-da
middle name ideas: Alvine, Elena

meaning of Ella: "fairy maiden"
origin: Italy
pronounciation: AL-LA
middle name ideas: Mae, Rose

meaning of Amira: "queen"
origin: arabic
pronounciation: A-ME-RA
middle name ideas:Mine, Adile

meaning of Anouk: "grace"
origin: dutch
pronounciation: A-NUK
middle name ideas: Freyja, Baja

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meaning of Finn: "fair"
origin: irish
pronounciation: FENN
middle name ideas: Ossin, Cole

meaning of Momo: "tiny peach"
origin: japanese
pronounciation: MO-MO
middle name ideas: Barnaby, Akira

meaning of Jasper: "bringer of treasure
origin: persian
pronounciation: jus-pair
middle name ideas: Felix, John

meaning of Keanu: "cool breeze over the mountains"
origin: hawaiian
pronounciation: ka-u-nou
middle name ideas: Brooks, Yuki

meaning of Colin: "pup"
origin: irish
pronounciation: kol-len
middle name ideas: Ciaran, Andrew

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