Hi guys, for today's article I'll be writng about an area of my life that I would like to improve. As you may know, my biggest problem, issue in my life is lazyness and procrastination. I find hard to do the things I am suppose to do, and instead of that I find myself laid on my bed with my cellphone and just wasting my time on social media. So I'll be writing about it and I'll give you some tips that you must follow not to procrastinate.

My lazyness and procrastination showed up when I met a special person. It happened when I was in second grade of high school. I used to be a really responsible girl, you know!, but when I met thatd person I started to spend more time on facebook to chat with that person, I would tell my mom I have no homework so that she could let me use my computer and I would start texting with the person.

Since then I was not able to stay focused for a long time and I would check my computer every 10 minutes and I would stop doing the important things to procrastinate.
When I realized that what I was doing was not ok, I tried to change it, but it was more difficult than what I thought it'd be. When I was in third grade of high school I improved and became more responsible in a way. Up to now I'm still trying hard but sometimes falling in my way.
I would love to improve in that way because now things are going to get hard and difficult. I'm preparing to go to college, it's going to be a long year but I know that I will make it!


  • Put a deadline to the usage of your phone:

You have to accept that when you are using your phone, you loose track of time. So I recommend you to track how much time you spend in your cellphone or computer and if you notice that you are using them way to much, you must reduce it and spend more time on reading, pracicing or studying.

  • Pomodoro technique

I´m pretty sure most of you know this technique. It's basically to focus and study for about 20 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes, then continue on and on. Piece of cake hehe.

  • Know the why

It will be way easier to get your homework done when you know why are you doing it. is it because you want a good grade, is it because you need a good grade? is it because you really want to learn? Whatever it is the why, you have to know it clearly so that you know why you want to get that done,a dn eventually, get it done.

Well these are my 3 tips, they are pretty basic, but in case you do not practice them or do not remember them, you have them here. I hope you enjoyed my article and my little story of how it all started.

Bes Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli