Hello my people
In the last few weeks I wasn't on my best, not physicaly, I mean in the mental way´and I think it's not that easy to get out of it, sometimes I still strugle with it. I don't just become sad, it's like I fall in a deep black hole with no way out.
Probably that's kind of normal when you're i Teenager, I wouldnt reinterpret too much in it. ( sorry if that is too bad english but at my country it's quite late and I have to translate some words with Google and we all know how good this works sometimes)

Wow, that was a Long intro... so let's start.

Close your eyes and breathe

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At first I close my eyes and just breathe. Take Long, deep breaths and try to cut off everything else. Don't listen to you pulse, that will only make you nervous, because when your sad angry or anything your pulse is higher an because of that you'll breathe faster and lower and you'll hyperventilate, which leads me to a panic attack.
When you calmed down from crying or just normally calmed down you can gp to the next step which is...

writing it down

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Whatever it was that made you this sad, mad or just feel low, write it down. At the beginning that wasn't a easy step fo me, because it seemed so much more real on the paper then just in my mind and the past. But when you#re done, you feel better, freed, maybe still sad but not as much as before. It also gives you the Control about it, I can't explain why, but that the Feeling, your freed and now your the one who has the Control. Which makes it at least for me so much easier.

take a bath/shower

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The warm water will wash away a bit of the daily pressure everyone has and gives you time to relax and rethink the things that happened. And you can treat yourself the way you deserve. Light up some candles, use some good smeeling Lotion, Play your favourite music, read a book or magazine ( if youre in the bathtub, under the Show that wouldn't really work * wink *)


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Honestly, eat something. First of all it gives you new power, then it'll balance bloodsugar Level which gives you a cool head and just makes you feel better. It doesn't matter what you eat, how many calories, how healthy and so on, you deserved it.

enjoy a hobby or just relax

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And at this part it's up to you, do what makes you happy. And if you have no idea what you could do, here are some of the Things that I do:
-writting poems or Storys
-read a book
-paint/ draw something
-dancig like nobody could see me
-go out a run
-wrab myself in blankets and watch childhoodmovies7 series


Hopefully I could help some of you and if you ever feel like you've got noone who wold listen to your problems, you've got me. A blonde sixteen years old Girl from Germany.
Ly, 'till the next article

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