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Welcome back to the 30 days writing challenge (created by @themermaidwriter).
Thank you very much for your wonderful support. I'm starting to feel much better about my writing skills.

Day 6 | If you could run away, where would you go?

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I would run into my "world" if I could. I'm torn between loving or hating changes. I mean, "to run away" means to run in a place. One place. Which I might get bored of after a while, or I might start to dislike at some point. That's why I chose my "world", because in that place, everything is balanced. There's a bit of everything, I could see and imagine anything I'd like, and erase what I dislike.

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But let's take this realistically. I think I'd like to run to a big abandoned castle, far away in the woods. I don't care which country it would be, I don't care how old the castle is.

I need a place that has a forest near it, or even better, to be located in one, and silence. A lot of silence. From there, I see myself exploring everything, being crafty in some domains, and making my own "noise" by walking, breathing, maybe singing?

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Does this sound too Disney like? I think it does somehow haha. But, the truth is that if I had the chance, I would run to that place.


Either that, or Twin Peaks lol

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